The most important decision to make in any bathroom is the choice of materials.  Cheaper materials tend to expand in a short space of time due to moisture in the bathroom.  Many people buy off-the-shelf products for their bathrooms only to find later on that they have a short lifespan in the bathroom.

Oak veneer bathroom cabinet with waterproof skirtings

We recommend the use of impact edged melamine, sprayed supawood, veneer or solid wood in the bathroom, along with granite or solid wood tops in the bathroom. 

Our cupboards are designed with the proper overhangs, so that water would not accumulate on the top edges of your doors. 

Our Services


Our kitchen design team put allot of thought and planning into the design and layout of your kitchen to make sure it’s practical as well as functional while looking stunning.


We understand that your bedroom cupboards are one of the most frequently used items in your bedroom so we make sure you have allot of hanging and packing space.

Home Office

Our office designers use state of the art design software to make sure your furniture is every bit what is needed and tailored for your specific needs.

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